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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sips of the South...Southern Gardens

This is Sweet Tea & Biscuits' last post in the Sips of the South series...sniff sniff. But it's an appropriate one, because I think Spring has sprung! (Now watch it snow a foot next week.) The topic this week is Southern Gardens. Now being the allergy cursed woman that I am, I am not one of those women who love to get out in their yard and plant lots of flowers. I love to have them, look at them and enjoy them, but not put in the work of planting them. Luckily, the people who lived here before us put some work into the flower beds and these are my two favorite things that bloom in my yard.

Bunches of yellow daffodils:
And the beautiful pink azalea bushes around my home:
I definitely want both of these planted at my new home, along with some

and a Magnolia Tree:
These flowers make me long as I don't have to plant them (then they make me sneeze).

On another note...the lovely author of Bad Mommy Moments has shared the touching story of a mother who is battling breast cancer at the very young age of 27. After reading about her story, I thought, "This could be me." CK has provided a link to her website where you can learn a bit more about her and make a donation if you wish.


  1. cute blog...just popped over from shelli's. I love all those flowers too! I tried planting azaleas in my yard and they died = (. well on of the bushes is still alive but doesn't look that great.

  2. Girly you sound lots like me! I heart daffodils and Hydrangeas but planting them not so much! I have allergies to so they also make me sneeze LOL....

    We were lucky also to buy a house that the lady before hearted planting so we have daffodils, Azalea bushes, Hydrangeas in which I struggle to keep alive LOL, and the pretties lilys....

    I am sooo ready for spring to stick around!

    I will be praying for this women and her family! That is so terribly sad! My SIL is in remission from Breast Cancer! Cancer stinks....

    Have a Happy Monday
    Summer :0)

  3. hydrangeas are my FAVORITE!!!!!!

  4. I love hydrangeas! I would love all those flowers in my flower beds now!

  5. Yeah! Glad you liked the crab dish! Hope you do try and it- I know you will be so pleased! Your blog is just getting better each day. I read it all the time just need to comment more! Love ya

  6. Thanks for joining the last sip of the south for the season - I am sniff, sniff too but I promise you will see it again in a few months with a fall twist. I just want to personally thank you for joining me in the series and the great post that you have added. Tootles :)

  7. Thank you so much for linking to Nicole's post. And for donating. You have such a wonderful heart!

    And about that Magnolia tree...just an FYI (though you probably know this already). Although they're lovely, it snows blossoms every spring and it's like wading through wet silk just to get through the yard.


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