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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sam At 4 Months

Our Sam-A-Doodle at Four Months:

Chunky Monkey!

I have hands!

I have feet!
Reaching for Mama!

Weight: 13lb 11oz.Quite the little nugget now!

Length:  24.5 inches

Sleep: He has really been battling eczema this past month which has affected his sleep. :(  We were back to 3 hours at a time when he was really itchy, but we've started a whole routine to help ease his itchiness and he's back to sleeping 5 1/2 to 6 hours, and then another 2-3 hour stretch. Thank goodness!

Awake: He is happy to play alone on his playmat, but he also enjoys to play with you...his favorite is a game Nick started called "Dance Party". Sam is a smiley baby anyway, but he can help but to smile and drool and wiggle when we play dance party.

Eating: So I'm about to just accept that the bottle is a bust. We've tried 3 different bottles now and he refuses them all. We did let him try a bit of rice cereal right after he turned 4 months.

Other fun facts: Sam rolled over for he first time on April 4th. I thought it might have been a fluke, but then I found him on his belly in his crib a few days later. Now he rolls every time I lay him down! If he could master the belly to back roll, we'd be in business.

Easter 2013

Here is our Easter in pictures...

We had an egg hunt for Colson, Lilly-Belle and their cousin EJ

The Easter Bunny (which LB calls "Peter") came for a visit.

Of course, Peter needed a carrot snack!

Sam's first Easter Basket
Lilly-Belle's Basket

Colson's Basket

We went to church and everyone was all fancy looking!

After church, we had the family over for lunch. It was a wonderful day to celebrate Christ and the good news of His resurrection!
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