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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Listen Carefully

Sometimes God tries to tell you something by whispering it softly in your ear. Other times He puts it in front of you like a flashing neon sign so that it can not be ignored.

I have felt Him speaking to me both ways lately.

He's whispering to me that it's okay to live in the gray area of life. For a long time I held my opinion as the highest and I was under the assumption that if you weren't with me, you were against me. But now I'm learning to consider the other side. To sometimes not care at all. And to still appreciate my strong opinions, but respect the opposition.

Then there's the neon sign. This is usually the one that's harder to deal with. Mine has been the reminder that I need to be true to myself. Life will try to jade you. People will try to change you and trip you. I just need to remember that what matters is that I'm true to myself whether you like it or not. Beyond that, I just need to Let Go and Let God.

I'm hoping that if I listen carefully that I can always hear what God is trying to tell me.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Relationship With Facebook

Sometimes my relationship with Facebook seems like an ill-fated affair. There are so many things I love about it...the ability to keep up with far away friends through pictures, updates and chatting. However, just as in any relationship, we have our problems too. There are five to be specific, but facebook being the loving partner that it is has one feature that keeps me in the relationship.


This lovely little feature gives me the ability to not delete, but hide anything or anyone that annoys me. Particularly these.

1. The Laundry Baskets. These people think FB is the appropriate place to air their dirty marital laundry. Every update is about what's going wrong in their marriage or relationship, what mistake their significant other has recently made, or what they're doing to mend their relationship. Attention Laundry Baskets: FB is not your therapist and if you don't want people all in your business then don't put it out there. HIDE.

2. On the other hand we have what I call the LoviePoos. These people love their dog, their husband, their child, their best friends and it's all they post. We get it. You love them, but how about spending less time tell the Facebook world and more time telling them. HIDE.

3. The Sports Announcers. You know these people. Their status reads, "Good Morning Facebook!! Got to make a quick trip to Home Depot, then mow the yard, then out for lunch with Mike, then we're watching the game. I'm busy today!" Thank you for the play by play, but it's really not necessary. HIDE.

4. The Attention Seekers. These are the posters of vague status' that imply impending doom or a huge surprise. "Why does this always happen to me? Will I ever learn?" or "Can't wait for will never be the same!" These people tell you nothing because they just want to engage you and lure you in to ask questions about them. This lady's not taking the bait. HIDE.

5. The Gamers. The Farmvillers. The Mafia Warriors. I'm not sending you boards or nails and if you continue to send me invitations to do so, HIDE. *I may be guilty of this when Monkey hacked my account and sent my friends invites to play Bubble Island. I'm immensely sorry.

If you're on my Facebook and you are any of these people, trust me, I've hidden you. Who do you hide on Facebook?

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Promise They're Photogenic, Really.

The Monkey requested a photoshoot with the Bug the other day. It was the first time he realized that they both having rocking chairs. I happily obliged. Until I looked at the results.

I promise they're photogenic...just not together. I can't wait to see how the Christmas card turns out this year.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

House of the Nekkid Nappers

Today we're obviously hosting a nekkid party at my house.

Morning nap is over. I go in to get the Bug up. She's diaperless...and happy.

It's afternoon naptime. The monkey comes wandering out of his room claiming he can't go to sleep. Again, naked. It's only after I bring it to his attention that he's not wearing any clothes that he looks down and nods his head in agreement.

He still makes no effort to dress. But I'm not going to push it. It's blazing hot here and it's nekkid party day, obviously.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Perfect Parenting

A blogger I read regularly posted a response on her blog today to some very negative feedback she received after an interview she did on parents giving their children non-prescription medicine. After reading the article I felt that what she said was "rearranged" to be put into the context that made it sound the worst. But what got to me...really got to me...were the comments on the article. The comments were self righteous, rude, and ignorant.

I understand that no, you shouldn't drug your children, but it wasn't just that topic that was addressed by the respondents. They were commenting on motherhood. And according to these people, they were the perfect parents and had the answers to it all. I think as mothers we are too hard on ourselves.

When I became a mother I didn't know that one child would roll off the changing table into the laundry hamper. Or that I give the other a sucker before they were a year old just to keep the peace. I didn't know that one would strip down naked and color themselves and my couch orange with a Sharpie while I grabbed a few extra winks. Or that I'd even consider that one (at about 6 months) had broken their nose after a not so graceful swan dive off the couch...while I was watching them...from less than a foot away.

Mothers need to know that this crap happens to everyone. And if they say it doesn't then they are liars. We are human. We make mistakes. And they are children; they will push boundaries, take risks, and make their own mistakes. We just need to accept this and move on because there is no such thing as the perfect parent or the perfect child. If you spend your life chasing after the idea of being the perfect parent then you'll surely miss all the fun.

...and just to make you smile!
All images courtesy of Anne Taintor.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mamaw's Pound Cake

I first posted my recipe for my Mamaw's Pound Cake as part of the Sips of the South series that I participated in, but that was months ago and I think that this is a recipe worth sharing twice. Plus I have a picture of said delicious cake this go round.

I made this cake to take to the men who are working on our new house...just a sweet treat to say thanks. (This is actually the second cake. The first one was promptly eaten by myself and family when the crew failed to show up to work on Saturday. We didn't complain about having to eat it too much though.)
I didn't make the icing for this one because it will be in the heat but I highly recommend making it, it's divine.
And a few more tips:
This cake is NOT made in a bundt pan. I use a tube pan; it looks exactly like an angel food cake pan except that it isn't two parts. If you don't have one go find one, they make the best cakes! If you can't, a bundt pan will suffice until you get a tube.
Don't you dare think of substituting margarine for the butter or heaven forbid one of those artificial sweeteners for the sugar. (I know what Splenda claims but I just don't believe it.)
Remember not to preheat your oven. And it may take a little over 1 and 1/2 hours, just let the top get a bit crusty and lightly golden.
Now go forth and bake!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Current Events

Currently, I am...

reading Eat, Pray, Love.

listening to 94.1 K-Love Christian Radio...thanks for the tip Shelli!

drinking Coke in a glass bottle, the best!

eating Julie's Skillet Lasagna, yummy and beyond cheesy!

wishing we would sell this house and were moving into our new house.

wondering why my daughter growls so much?

watching Sarah's House on HGTV. Can I please get her assistant to come help me decorate?

hoping that I can make it through Bible School with 21 preschoolers!

wearing my favorite necklace from The Vintage Pearl. It has the babes' names and was my Mother's Day gift last year.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Classic Finds

We were lucky enough to have a fabulous JCrew warehouse sale in a neighboring town and I went yesterday to find some goodies. I had to think beyond it being the middle of July when I made my purchases. Sure there were lots of tees, tanks, shorts and flip flops, but they had nothing on what I found! I know a lady isn't supposed to talk money, but I'll just tell you that I spent seventy dollars and got three beautiful pieces that I'm sure I'll be wearing for years to come.

My favorite find was the black wool pea coat. I've had wool coats before, but never one like this! The weave is absolutely perfect; it isn't the least bit itchy. I do plan on wearing these beauties together.

These pearls are such a statement piece (shhh...only $8). I love that they are taupe instead of the normal cream.

And these gloves (again...only $8). The leather feels like butter and the cashmere lining is yummy!

They almost make me wish it was winter...almost.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Top Five Friday...Oh Bother.

I'm feeling a little stressed, overwhelmed, annoyed as of late. It's mostly me and I understand this so I'm hoping by writing it down I'll just get it out of my system. My Top 5 Bothers:

#1. My lips are uber chapped. In the middle of summer. What? Like burning chapped and clearly putting chapstick on 1,000 times a day isn't helping. Any suggestions?

#2. The fact that I'm not one of those people who, when stressed, claim "I couldn't possibly eat. I'm just too stressed." I say, "I'm stressed...pass me a gallon of icecream!"
**On another note, I did channel my stress into a major overhaul clean of our fridge. Sadly, while doing so I found the icecream.

#3. Realizing that I haven't packed ONE thing yet. The move into our new home is at least 6 weeks away but I still feel like I need to be packing now just to get it all done. (Icecream anyone?)

#4. The Monkey's lack of thanks when it comes to everything. I take him to the movies (Despicable Me is very cute!) and he asks if we can play games afterwards and if I'll buy him some shark Polliwalks. I know this is a phase, but it just doesn't fly with me. Here's an idea! I'll pack up his toys and then maybe he'll be appreciative of what he has AND I'll be started on my packing!

#5. ...

Ok, so just 4 things are bothering me. Feel free to fill in the 5th. And if you want to come to my pity party just bring some icecream.

**Okay, #5 can be that spellcheck wants me to make icecream 2 words. Um, no thank you. But you can still fill it in too.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Red Head...And A Temper To Match

People warned me. Even at just a few weeks...even days old, people would comment on her red hair and warned me to watch out for this one.

I thought, "No. Certainly not. My babies are calm, sweet, easy little things." I was wrong. They were right. Every single one of them.

I've never in my life seen the dramatics like Bug can put on. She can turn on the tears at the drop of a hat and everything offends her. The word NO is practically abuse and refusal to be picked up is tantamount to torture. She has to be in the middle of every situation, constantly engaged, and if she's not here's what you'll get.
Woe is me...I must be on the couch with you!
Hey, don't you see me crying here? game plan.
Cry and pull on Mama! She's got red hair and a temper to match!
I may need the Baby Whisperer with this one.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog Love

Julie at Brown Eyed Belle shared this award with me. Thanks girl!

The deal is to share 7 things about yourself but I just did that little "getting to know you" survey last week, so I'm going to do what Julie did and share seven important dates from my life.

1. August 26, 1982 My Birthday!

2. September 27, 1997 The RedHead and I went on our first date.

3. December 20, 2003 The RedHead and I tie the knot!

4. August 2004 I begin my teaching career.

5. March 9, 2006 I give birth to our son, Monkey!

6. April 29, 2009 I give birth to our daughter, Bug!

7. August 26, 2012 I will turn the big 3-0! tag some other bloggers to play along!

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