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Friday, July 2, 2010

Top Five Friday...Oddities

I've had a few moments of self actualization this week. Just little things that I noticed about myself that I wonder if anyone else does or if I'm just odd. So what do you think about these?

#1. I read my magazines beginning with the last page. No idea why, I just always start at the end. (Don't worry I never do this with books. That would just be weird.)

#2. Often times I will take my shower while the kids nap in the afternoon (on days we go to the pool). Every time I do this I have the fear that someone will break in while I'm in the shower or while I'm drying my hair and I won't be able to hear them.

#3. I refuse to let my child watch SpongeBob, but I have no problem with him watching the older cartoons on Boomerang that have villains, comic violence, and some semi-ugly words in them.

#4. I heavily rely on Google as my spellcheck. Don't know how to spell a word? Just begin typing it in the google searchbar and it'll find it for ya!

#5. I don't really have a number 5 but I feel like I should put something...maybe that's a little odd. Even on my own blog I feel compelled to complete something; like I can't break my own rule.

So, are these things odd or am I completely normal?


  1. I have shower paranoia too! You are not alone! :)

  2. Misty! I always freak a little when I get in the shower! ALWAYS! And I always use google as my spell-checker! I thought I was the only one with the shower phobia, so glad I'm not! Happy weekend, mama! xoxo

  3. I totally use google to spell check :)

  4. I do the same thing with Google!
    Also, I always read a magazine from the front. Once I'm done that way, I start at the back and work forward again. Glad to know I'm not the only one who does this!

  5. I am the exact same way about a shower, especially if I take one and Matt isn't home. What if someone sneaks in and hides?? This is a regular occurrence for me!

  6. I do the same thing with magazines. I think it's because I like the quick little articles best. Especially In-Style. I love the back of that magazine, the home section.. you get the idea.

  7. I have a little bit of shower paranoia & a lot of hair dryer paranoia. I can't explain it. I'm glad I'm not alone on that.

    I absolutely agree with #3&#4.

    But I'm going to have to be confused about #1. I think reading it backwards would drive me nuts. (I've seen my husband do that, though!)

  8. Google = Best Spell Check Ever!!!


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