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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Relationship With Facebook

Sometimes my relationship with Facebook seems like an ill-fated affair. There are so many things I love about it...the ability to keep up with far away friends through pictures, updates and chatting. However, just as in any relationship, we have our problems too. There are five to be specific, but facebook being the loving partner that it is has one feature that keeps me in the relationship.


This lovely little feature gives me the ability to not delete, but hide anything or anyone that annoys me. Particularly these.

1. The Laundry Baskets. These people think FB is the appropriate place to air their dirty marital laundry. Every update is about what's going wrong in their marriage or relationship, what mistake their significant other has recently made, or what they're doing to mend their relationship. Attention Laundry Baskets: FB is not your therapist and if you don't want people all in your business then don't put it out there. HIDE.

2. On the other hand we have what I call the LoviePoos. These people love their dog, their husband, their child, their best friends and it's all they post. We get it. You love them, but how about spending less time tell the Facebook world and more time telling them. HIDE.

3. The Sports Announcers. You know these people. Their status reads, "Good Morning Facebook!! Got to make a quick trip to Home Depot, then mow the yard, then out for lunch with Mike, then we're watching the game. I'm busy today!" Thank you for the play by play, but it's really not necessary. HIDE.

4. The Attention Seekers. These are the posters of vague status' that imply impending doom or a huge surprise. "Why does this always happen to me? Will I ever learn?" or "Can't wait for will never be the same!" These people tell you nothing because they just want to engage you and lure you in to ask questions about them. This lady's not taking the bait. HIDE.

5. The Gamers. The Farmvillers. The Mafia Warriors. I'm not sending you boards or nails and if you continue to send me invitations to do so, HIDE. *I may be guilty of this when Monkey hacked my account and sent my friends invites to play Bubble Island. I'm immensely sorry.

If you're on my Facebook and you are any of these people, trust me, I've hidden you. Who do you hide on Facebook?


  1. This post is so funny because it's SO TRUE!! I feel sorry for the attention seekers...but i don't take the bait either..and the gamers! UGH! YAY for the Hide button!! LOL :) Hope you're enjoying your summer Misty! xxox

  2. OK Misty this post made me laugh right out loud! You are sooooo funny hahahahaha

    Um I don't facebook and now I am pretty sure I know why LOL

    your ha-larious

  3. HA! Loves it! I totally despise the #4 people. Seriously stop it, just tell us what is wrong you are so desperate for attention. Another fave is the Sports Announcer - thank you cousin J for telling me the power was out for 15 minutes and you weren't sure what to do with the kids. I'm sorry did the TV not work? How about you get off of Facebook & interact with them! For real....I do not need to know every detail!

  4. That is to funny!! I just went down my list last night and was like HIDE to everyone and everything I get tired of looking at every single day. I couldnt agree with you more!!

    I always tell Jared these people that put on facebook "Aww I just love my husband so much he is the greatest thing under the son..bla bla" they must have to put it on there so it will make them feel better but why do they need to tell everyone unless they are covering up a not so good husband! Ha!

    AND then they put all there business on there and then turn around and are like please stay out of my business..Um...hello!!

    It drives me crazy, if I wasnt addicted I wouldnt get on! Ha!

  5. AMEN goodness it's like people have nothing better to do then post their entire lives on FB!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I am cracking up at #1 and #4. I know exactly what you mean!

  7. The only ones I hide are the ones who use profanity and the ones who use "net speak" or "text speak" or who misspell almost every word. That drives me crazy. And I hide all game posts.

  8. Haha. Really agree with this post. Thanks!

  9. WHAT A HOOT!!! I have my blog linked to FB...but I always forget to go there and look around at everyone elses stuff....

  10. I have never LOVED a post as much as I love this one.

    You know how to break it down and tell the PLAIN TRUTH. My goodness. I agree. So. Much.

    I definitely had to deactivate my account for half of last year. I started it up again, but it's so ... boring. I don't know.


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  11. looks like u'd hide me then! haha

    i don't do any of the first ones...but i do love my games...

    and i love to post the baby didn't sleep...shesh i'm tired post!

  12. Oh my goodness!! You have me literally laughing out loud!! As I was reading, I kept trying to remember if I have done any of those things in my status updates...I sure hope not, but maybe occasionally.

    I also HATE it when pregnant people post about dilation, plugs, and other disgusting stuff that I don't want to know about! And I totally hide the gamers, the wrong spelling people, the foul language users, and so many more!

  13. Look at you, blogging lady! I didn't know you had a blog (well you had the one, but stopped updating it). This is really cute, and I totally agree with the FB post.


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