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Friday, August 28, 2009

Time to Celebrate

I turned 27 this week and I'm ready to celebrate. I happen to love birthdays, as I love any excuse to have a drink and eat cake! On my birthday my Mama took me and the babes out for lunch and cupcakes (mmm!), Mexican dinner with the family last night, tonight I am going out with two of my most favorite girls for dinner and drinks, then tomorrow it's birthday date night with the RedHead at Bonefish! I know a birthday is technically just one day, but I tend to celebrate all week. As much as I look forward to the cake (and I do plan on having cake or dessert each time I go out), I look forward to the drinks equally. It was mango margaritas at the Mexican restaurant, I'm sure we'll be drinking champagne tonight, and half the reason I chose Bonefish for our date was to drink their pomegranate martinis. Geez, I sound like a lush! Guilty as charged... I've figured out that with two babes, you have to take your good times when you can get them. It isn't often I get to go out without them so I'm milking this birthday for all it's worth! Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fleeting Feeling

I've had a feeling the past couple weeks as many of my friends prepare for a new school year. I've been missing them, missing setting up my classroom, missing those few precious lunches on the workdays before school begins, missing the excitement-nervousness-anticipation. It is a fleeting feeling, because when faced with the invitation to return I immediately said no and wondered if I came across as wanting to come back. I know that a few weeks in I'd be that same stressed woman, often having to complete schoolwork and planning rather than being there (really there) for my babies. I would not give up this year for anything, but that feeling was there, so I know that I will want to return to teaching (hopefully I'll be ready next year since we've only planned for me to take a year off). While I'm home this year I hope my friends will keep me in the teacher loop, let me still gripe with them, celebrate with them, and be a teacher with them...

Ballerina Mom

"Whenever she stood in line at the bank or while waiting for the bus, I noticed her feet. The right always in front & perpendicular to the left just so. Even after two children she still dreamed of being a dancer." --Brian Andreas (Strange Dreams)

This quote describes me perfectly. I have always wanted to learn classical ballet, but just never had the opportunity. I was involved in many other activities, but never in dance. I'm sure my mama would have let me, but I never even asked. So now, as I approach my 27th birthday, as a mother of two, I have decided to fulfill that dream. I started to research it on the Internet to see if I could find a studio that offered beginner adult classes and I was surprised to find quite a few. I chose one that offered a class that would accommodate our family's schedules the best and called to enroll. I went two weeks ago and observed a class. It was perfect! Two days later I went and invested in a pair of ballet slippers, leotard, leggings, and skirt. (I really didn't need the entire ensemble, but if I'm going to do it I might as well go all out!)

Then last week I went to my first class. I opted against the complete outfit (may look like I'm trying too hard) and just wore the leotard and some yoga pants. I do plan on wearing my skirt soon; it's just precious. The class went very well and it was wonderful to do something just for myself that made me feel like my own person. I am very used to fulfilling the roles of mother, teacher and wife, but this just made me feel like me. I'm anxious for my class this Wednesday (my birthday!), it's fun being a Ballerina Mom.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Tonight the Bug and I had a little mother/daughter bonding time. Bug has a fussy period sometime between 7 and 9 each night (usually for about an hour). Tonight the RedHead had my Monkey over at the golf course grooming him to become the next Tiger Woods when all hell broke loose!

The girl started screaming for absolutely no reason. No paci. No nursing. No walking around the house, so we went outside (but not before I poured myself a generous glass of Pino Grigio). We sat on the front step, a naked baby except for her diaper and a drinking mother. We listened to the summer sounds and she quieted. I thought, "Ahh, we can sit here and relax and have a little mother/daughter bonding time." Well, that lasted all of 5 minutes, enough for me through half of my glass of wine, and she was cranked up again.

So I buckled her into her carseat, put her in the car and off we went. Car rides are wonderful for putting babies to sleep. We rode around listening to Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" until she was out. That's all the bonding we need, just me the Bug and Snoop.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mirena Can Kiss It

This bleepin' IUD known as Mirena has totally f'ed (I know, very ladylike dropping the f-bomb) up my system. I'm anxious, overwhelmed and have developed adult ADD. I won't even bother with the other side effects... Trying to decide if (I had to retype the word "if" 3 times because my ADD made it come out as fi, iff, and ife) I want to stick it out or have the devilish thing removed. If anyone has comments, advice or encouragement please let me know. Going to self medicate with a margarita (maybe 2) for the time being.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Feeling a Little "Southern Desperation"

I'm havin' a yard sale. Yep, doesn't get much more Southern than that. Take all your old junk and try to sell it in your front yard to people who want to talk you down from $2.00 to $0.75 on an old alarm clock (yes I do have an alarm clock for sale). Actually, the yard sale was my friend's idea and we're having it at her house, but I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to sell some things and de-clutter the house a bit. I'm hoping to make enough money to buy what I need for my newest hobby...ballet!

Here's where the bit of desperation comes in. I went and observed a class yesterday and I plan to start next week, but I have to come up with the money to pay for my first 4 classes ($40), shoes ($20-30), and at least one outfit (leotard, skirt, tights: $~60) If I can make $150 I'll be set! I don't actually know that I had that much stuff to sell so I've resorted to including things that I really don't know that I want to part with yet. Not things that I've used recently or will probably ever wear again, but I'm just not ready to throw them out. Normally I would take what doesn't sale to Goodwill, but I've already warned the Redhead that I will be returning home with any of my junk that doesn't sale. Anyway, wish me luck! Got to get back to tagging an old humidifier, cd changer, and about 20 pairs of baby/kid shoes...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Lately I've been having a lot of dreams about my Mamaw. I'm not sure why these memories are invading my dreams, but they are there (at least a little snippet) each night. My mother, brother and I lived with my Mamaw for about 3 1/2 years after my parents divorced and even when we moved into our own house we spent a great deal of time at my Mamaw's. She is a woman I've always looked up to, aspired to be like, and who helped shape my childhood. These are my dreams at night:

I dream of sitting on the stepstool in the kitchen watching her make homemade biscuits and leaving a bit of dough out for the "rat" to eat. I loved that salty sweet dough.

Laying on her bed, the cool clean sheets, and looking at her curtains covered in red roses.

I dream of warm baths with a bar of Ivory soap.

Sitting on the porch swing drinking sweet tea or snapping beans.

I dream of her feeding me "soaky bread" which is toast dipped in coffee (I personally attribute my love of coffee to the fact that she started me on it when I was only 3!)

My Mamaw sitting in her chair crocheting a beautiful doilie.

I dream of days when it stormed and we had to unplug everything and go lay on the bed. "Be still and quiet" she would say.

The multitude of switches that woman had hid around the her chair, on top of the fridge, they were always within her reach.

I dream of her giving me a dustrag and a can of Pledge and setting me to work dusting/polishing the furniture.

Watching HeeHaw...enough said.

I dream of her sweeping the sidewalk, vacuuming every day, hanging sheets on the line, ironing baskets of clothes. This woman could clean.

Most of all I dream of her and her house. The way she smelled and the way she looked. I dream of the way I knew her house, how no other place has ever felt more like home. I don't know why I'm dreaming of these things, but I'm sure glad I remember them.

Monday, August 10, 2009


These are a few of my favorite things (summertime edition):
1. Fresh vegetables (I like mine fried of course because we are in the South darlin')--fried okra, squash, green tomatoes

2. A tall glass of sweet tea or homemade lemonade.

3. Lazy days spent in the cool of the house because it's just to hot to even think of moving.

4. Babies in bathing suits (their little chunky thighs are irresistible!)

5. Sundresses. Light, airy, short sundresses.

6. No cook meals (too hot to turn on the stove) cucumber sandwiches, salads, cereal with fresh berries or peaches.

7. Dairy Queen: a butterscotch dipped cone of icecream (where I live our DQ is only open for the summer months) I've been getting these since I was a little girl and lived so close that I could walk there every day.

8. Cookouts with good friends...tasty food, kids playing, laughing.

Summertime is my favorite time.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

All Vacations Are Not Created Equal

Gone are the days when a vacation was really a vacation; when I could relax, shop, eat. I really enjoyed our trip to Boone, but with a 3 year old and a 3 month old, I spent most of my time coming up with creative ways to entertain my Monkey and have a bit of fun myself (which of course must be scheduled around nap and nursing times). Monkey managed to rack up on souvenirs...a basketball and shirt from the ASU bookstore, a mini Curious George (to be his other monkey's, also named George, friend) from Mast General, and a Life Is Good monkey shirt from a shop in Blowing Rock. Overboard a bit with the monkeys...maybe?....nah. We ate icecream from Kilwins, played in the park, swam in the pool, went to the Tanger shoppes, and ate at Knights on Main (my fav!). We did much more eating out, playing and shopping and managed to squeeze it into 3 days!

However, I did not relax. Vacations of relaxation are a thing of the past; now we're on to action packed vacations designed to entertain the babes because if I even thought of relaxing I'd surely be met with my Monkey's declarations of boredom (not really articulated as such yet, but his constant pestering of me would indicate so). Though I long for one of those relaxing holidays, I wouldn't trade this weekend with my babes for anything!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dinner Time

It's 10:03 and I'm eating my warmed over red curry Thai chicken because when I first attempted to eat it at 7:00 the Bug decided to pull a new trick out of her hat! It's called the scream so loud I shame my mommy into leaving the restaurant trick. I'm not talking a little whining or even a short burst of piercing screams, but continuous wails that echoed through the restaurant. Nothing would calm her and I couldn't get the check quick enough.

(Side Note: If you are even thinking of trying to console my screaming baby, don't be surprised if I come at you like a Mama Bear. If I can't calm her, what makes you think that a perfect stranger trying to talk to her 3 inches from her face would do any good? Yes I'm talking to you Miss Thai Restaurant Waitress!)

By the time I got her and my Monkey out of the restaurant and into the car I had pretty much broken a sweat and I don't want to even guess what my blood pressure was. I never once had this experience with Monkey so even though I'm a second time mom this is a new one for me. But here I am....Finally enjoying my dinner and no worries because tomorrow I will be in Boone (my home away from home) enjoying icecream from Kilwins, breakfast at Melanie's, and fun in the park with my babes!

PS- I also considered stopping at the package store for a bottle of Firefly Sweet Tea, but my motherly instincts told me that dragging your two kids into the ABC store wasn't the best idea...damn motherly instincts!

Miss Manners says, "Dont' Brag!"

Well I guess I learned my manners lesson the hard way this time. If you're a mom then you have heard the following question approximately five hundred thousand six hundred and eighty-two times: "How's she (or he) sleeping?" You will also hear variations of the same question: "Is she sleeping through the night yet?" or "Does she nap well?" People are obsessed with how babies sleep and I'm sure I am asked this question at least twice a day.

My Monkey began sleeping through the night when he was 4 months old (which was just fine because he was two months premature so at 4 mo, he was really 2 months adjusted age). Well, with the Bug (she was only 1 month premature) I kind of expected her to begin sleeping through the night between 3 and 4 months, but I wasn't going to get my hopes up. So...about a week ago she started sleeping a solid 7 hours and I was happy to appease those so concerned with her sleep habits by saying, "Why yes, she is sleeping through the night. I know...she's such a good baby." I guess I was boasting a little too much because the Bug decided to teach me a manners lesson. DON'T BRAG!

The past two nights she has decided to resume her mid-night feeding at 2am (at least I have my chocolate milk to look forward to at this time!). Lesson in point, when your baby starts sleeping through the night just pray, keep your fingers crossed and say, "Yes she is sleeping through the night. We just hope she keeps it up." But never, and I mean never, brag!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Thoughts

Some days you just need a happy thought (or ten) to keep you going, to give you something to look forward to. Here's my happy thought list today.

1. The fun size butterfingers that I have hidden in my top drawer (these are not for sharing!)
2. A backrub from my hubby (the Red Head)
3. A hot bath and a good book.
4. A top-shelf margarita on the rocks. Make that a Jumbo please!
5. The Bug's smile!
6. Naptime.
7. A glass of chocolate milk.
8. My Monkey's hilarious comments. **Not 20 minutes after I typed this, My Monkey called me into the bathroom and said, "You want to see how much poopy I did? Are you proud of this poopy Mommy?" Such a cutie!
9. Cupcakes.
10. A trip to the mountains in 2 days!!!

These things keep a smile on my face.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Use No. 127

Babies have many uses...they can help you end a phone call with a telemarketer as they exercise their piercing cry, they can help you out of most any type of situation that you'd like to escape because they either need to be fed, diapered, or put down for their nap. But this morning I discovered use No. 127 (for this use, baby must be in her carrier). They can help you exit a restaurant after you've spilled an entire cup of coffee in your lap. That is how the Bug helped me this morning.

Everything was going just great; my Monkey started back to his swimming lessons and made it through with minimal whining so we decided to celebrate with his favorite breakfast, "drits." We ate our food and then out of nowhere I just dropped the freshly refilled coffee cup in my lap. Luckily we were the only table in the back section of the diner so I mopped up what I could, but panic set in as I tried to figure out a way to exit without everyone seeing me (it totally looked like I wet my pants). That's where the Bug and her monstrous carrier came to the rescue. I just lugged that thing in front of me and it hid my "accident"! Thank you Bug, thank you Graco for making an enormous carrier that, when strategically placed, can hide anything!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Proper Introduction

Every Southern Belle deserves a proper introduction, and although mine doesn't include a list of brags I thought it necessary to share a bit about myself. I am a mother of two who is now a stay-at-home mom (on leave from my job as a teacher). I have a 3 1/2 year old son, my Monkey, and a 3 month old daughter, the Bug. I have an obsession for all things southern...sweet tea, southern hospitality, good manners (which I admit to forgetting frequently), and good food! I have been reading others blogs for quite some time now, but never had the urge to write for myself. Until now. What I experience everyday as a woman, wife, and mother has prompted me to start writing.

After the birth of my first child (my Monkey) I stayed at home 5 months before going back to work. It was then that I realized that 5 months wasn't long enough. Not having the luxury to quit my job at that time, I went on working but we promised each other that when we had our next child I would stay home for at least a year. This past April the Bug was born, so our plan is for me to stay at home through the next school year and then return to work....we'll see.

I see this year at home as a gift; a chance for me to grow my children and reconnect with myself. After teaching (-code for being mommy to 20 six year olds) for five years I feel that I've lost some of myself. I want to focus on returning to the things that make me happy, return to myself.


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