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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Thoughts

Some days you just need a happy thought (or ten) to keep you going, to give you something to look forward to. Here's my happy thought list today.

1. The fun size butterfingers that I have hidden in my top drawer (these are not for sharing!)
2. A backrub from my hubby (the Red Head)
3. A hot bath and a good book.
4. A top-shelf margarita on the rocks. Make that a Jumbo please!
5. The Bug's smile!
6. Naptime.
7. A glass of chocolate milk.
8. My Monkey's hilarious comments. **Not 20 minutes after I typed this, My Monkey called me into the bathroom and said, "You want to see how much poopy I did? Are you proud of this poopy Mommy?" Such a cutie!
9. Cupcakes.
10. A trip to the mountains in 2 days!!!

These things keep a smile on my face.


  1. I love your list of happy thoughts! It's wise to have one (or ten!) in reserve to pull out when you need them!

  2. Thanks! It's the little things in life!


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