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Friday, August 28, 2009

Time to Celebrate

I turned 27 this week and I'm ready to celebrate. I happen to love birthdays, as I love any excuse to have a drink and eat cake! On my birthday my Mama took me and the babes out for lunch and cupcakes (mmm!), Mexican dinner with the family last night, tonight I am going out with two of my most favorite girls for dinner and drinks, then tomorrow it's birthday date night with the RedHead at Bonefish! I know a birthday is technically just one day, but I tend to celebrate all week. As much as I look forward to the cake (and I do plan on having cake or dessert each time I go out), I look forward to the drinks equally. It was mango margaritas at the Mexican restaurant, I'm sure we'll be drinking champagne tonight, and half the reason I chose Bonefish for our date was to drink their pomegranate martinis. Geez, I sound like a lush! Guilty as charged... I've figured out that with two babes, you have to take your good times when you can get them. It isn't often I get to go out without them so I'm milking this birthday for all it's worth! Happy Birthday to me!

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