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Monday, August 3, 2009

Use No. 127

Babies have many uses...they can help you end a phone call with a telemarketer as they exercise their piercing cry, they can help you out of most any type of situation that you'd like to escape because they either need to be fed, diapered, or put down for their nap. But this morning I discovered use No. 127 (for this use, baby must be in her carrier). They can help you exit a restaurant after you've spilled an entire cup of coffee in your lap. That is how the Bug helped me this morning.

Everything was going just great; my Monkey started back to his swimming lessons and made it through with minimal whining so we decided to celebrate with his favorite breakfast, "drits." We ate our food and then out of nowhere I just dropped the freshly refilled coffee cup in my lap. Luckily we were the only table in the back section of the diner so I mopped up what I could, but panic set in as I tried to figure out a way to exit without everyone seeing me (it totally looked like I wet my pants). That's where the Bug and her monstrous carrier came to the rescue. I just lugged that thing in front of me and it hid my "accident"! Thank you Bug, thank you Graco for making an enormous carrier that, when strategically placed, can hide anything!

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