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Monday, August 24, 2009

Ballerina Mom

"Whenever she stood in line at the bank or while waiting for the bus, I noticed her feet. The right always in front & perpendicular to the left just so. Even after two children she still dreamed of being a dancer." --Brian Andreas (Strange Dreams)

This quote describes me perfectly. I have always wanted to learn classical ballet, but just never had the opportunity. I was involved in many other activities, but never in dance. I'm sure my mama would have let me, but I never even asked. So now, as I approach my 27th birthday, as a mother of two, I have decided to fulfill that dream. I started to research it on the Internet to see if I could find a studio that offered beginner adult classes and I was surprised to find quite a few. I chose one that offered a class that would accommodate our family's schedules the best and called to enroll. I went two weeks ago and observed a class. It was perfect! Two days later I went and invested in a pair of ballet slippers, leotard, leggings, and skirt. (I really didn't need the entire ensemble, but if I'm going to do it I might as well go all out!)

Then last week I went to my first class. I opted against the complete outfit (may look like I'm trying too hard) and just wore the leotard and some yoga pants. I do plan on wearing my skirt soon; it's just precious. The class went very well and it was wonderful to do something just for myself that made me feel like my own person. I am very used to fulfilling the roles of mother, teacher and wife, but this just made me feel like me. I'm anxious for my class this Wednesday (my birthday!), it's fun being a Ballerina Mom.

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