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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Miss Manners says, "Dont' Brag!"

Well I guess I learned my manners lesson the hard way this time. If you're a mom then you have heard the following question approximately five hundred thousand six hundred and eighty-two times: "How's she (or he) sleeping?" You will also hear variations of the same question: "Is she sleeping through the night yet?" or "Does she nap well?" People are obsessed with how babies sleep and I'm sure I am asked this question at least twice a day.

My Monkey began sleeping through the night when he was 4 months old (which was just fine because he was two months premature so at 4 mo, he was really 2 months adjusted age). Well, with the Bug (she was only 1 month premature) I kind of expected her to begin sleeping through the night between 3 and 4 months, but I wasn't going to get my hopes up. So...about a week ago she started sleeping a solid 7 hours and I was happy to appease those so concerned with her sleep habits by saying, "Why yes, she is sleeping through the night. I know...she's such a good baby." I guess I was boasting a little too much because the Bug decided to teach me a manners lesson. DON'T BRAG!

The past two nights she has decided to resume her mid-night feeding at 2am (at least I have my chocolate milk to look forward to at this time!). Lesson in point, when your baby starts sleeping through the night just pray, keep your fingers crossed and say, "Yes she is sleeping through the night. We just hope she keeps it up." But never, and I mean never, brag!

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