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Friday, October 30, 2009

Costume Contemplation

I thought the other day how much my idea of celebrating Halloween has changed since I've had children. I remember when I could rock a sexy fairy costume, or when a group of friends and I dressed up as Girl Scouts in college. But since having the babes no costume has been even slightly sexy.

This saddens me.
I kinda wanna be a hot mom. Fluffy yes, but still hot.

I wonder how well received a fluffy french maid would be in our neighborhood as I tote around a three year old and six month old (because no one is having an "adult" party this year because everyone I know is knocked up and alcohol is half the fun).

Oh well, maybe next year I won't be fluffy...or knocked up. And I can be a hot french maid.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tell me again why I'm not paid to do this?

I love being a Mommy...I REALLY love being a Mommy. I want it to be my full time job (and it is for this year) but the problem is that it doesn't pay. I know women have said this for years, it's just now I am faced with this as my reality and I'm a little frustrated that it's not a paying job. I know people say to make sacrifices, cut back, and whatnot, but to be financially responsible in raising our children and preparing for their future I will most likely have to go back to work next year.

And then there's the fact that I'm not entirely sold on going back to my previous job. I was a teacher and I love teaching, however...that is only a tiny part of the job. If that's all it were I'd go back in a heartbeat. But it's politics, and micromanagement, and uncompensated duties that often end up leaving my own children with the short end of the stick. If anyone has any suggestions for jobs where I can utilize my degree in elementary education or a job where I can work from home, please share.

I'm ready to scratch my eyes out from looking at careerbuilder and monster.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is just a run down of what's been on my mind this week:
-Remember not to even "jokingly" show your 3 year old son a cheerleader costume on the off chance that he will decide right then that he will be nothing other than a cheerleader for Halloween rather than the agreed upon firefighter. He's since offered 3 other options; a buzzy bee, candy corn(my mama's suggestion), or a cowboy(my last ditch suggestion since he has to dress up in western wear for his preschool fall festival anyway). Cowboy it is.

-I'm rereading The Party by Sally of my favorite books!

-Bug has absolutely no interest in sleeping through the night and I have absolutely no interest in letting her cry it out (...yet).

-I am excited about joining the church we have been visiting for the last few months.

-I have been to two covered dish dinners in two days and cooked for the RedHead's office covered dish...I'm cooked out for the week. Except I've already bought all the stuff to make Cinnamon Bun popcorn for Monkey's preschool teachers as their Halloween treat. Guess I'll keep on cookin'.

-I am ready for a day; pack the kids up and hand deliver them to their grandparents so I can sleep for 12 hours or go get a massage or finally get my house clean. I'm leaning towards A or B, C can wait.

-I'm wondering if no one reads your blog if it's like talking to yourself? Like in the way crazy people talk to themselves like someone is there listening to them...

-I like elipsis and I can't stop using them...even if I wanted to!

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Little Punkins'

I have a real thing for putting my kids in pumpkins. I just think it's so darn cute, and I'm sure I'll put every babe I have in a pumpkin. I don't feel the same way about staging photos with them in a stocking or present box or Easter basket or anything else...I just love a kid in a pumpkin (did I mention that already?) Here's the Bug in her punkin'.

And here's my Monkey in his punkin' circa 2006.

Couldn't ya just take em' out and bake em' up in a pumpkin pie?!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Pickin'

*Monkey refusing to have his picture taken...can you even see him? Head to toe orange (his favorite color) had him lookin' like a little punkin!

On Saturday, my Mama, the babes and I took a day trip to the mountains to get our pumpkins. Yes, there are plenty of pumpkin patches a lot closer, but it just isn't the same. The day was wonderful...the 2 hour drive went by quickly with Bug napping the whole way and my Monkey entertained with the beautiful colors of the changing leaves and the mountains in the distance. The temperature continued to drop as we climbed the mountain and as we made our stop at the pumpkin patch we were greeted with the first snow flurries of the season. Yes, in fall, not winter. We quickly picked out our pumpkins (I selected two for the Bug because I'm not sure which she'll be able to fit into) and Monkey picked out two for himself.

We then did a little scenic driving before we went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant. And here's where I killed my Monkey's desire to be a fire fighter for Halloween. He got a bit scared when the chef lit a fire on the grill, and smart Mommy tried to comfort him by reminding him that he was going to be a fire fighter for Halloween and that the chef knew how to safely make the fire,so there was no reason to be scared. Well, he fixed that right up for me by declaring that he would NOT be a fire fighter; he'd rather be scared of the fire. He now desires to be a Buzzy Bee...great. We don't have a Buzzy Bee costume in our dress up clothes, so I guess I'll have to find a way to make a Buzzy Bee.

We ended our trip by getting some mountain apples and then a trip to Kilwins where my Mama and Monkey ate icecream (yes in snowy weather). I opted for one of their monsterous caramel apples covered with pecans and chocolate. It was heavenly! A great fall day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Can See Where This Is Going...(straight to my hips)

I love Fall cooking just as much (if not more) than Summer cooking. I love the fresh vegetables of summer, but Autumn and Winter food is what warms my soul. I stumbled across the recipe blog site Our Best Bites and it has inspired me to get to cookin'. So far, I've made the Cinnamon Bun Popcorn, the Creamy Corn Chowder, and the Apple Dumplings. Which, wow!, the Apple Dumplings were SO easy and possibly the most sinful food I've ever eaten! I really wish I had taken the time to take a few pictures, but it never crossed my mind until I was elbow deep in soup and dumplings with icecream. Thanks to these two incredible women I am pretty sure that last 10 pounds of baby weight will be with me through the winter. (But hey, I'm not complaining as long as I get to eat delicious food like this!)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Holiday

I'm on holiday!! It was a bit difficult making it through the summer while all of my friend's and their families were off on their vacations to the beach. I kept thinking, just 3 more months, 2 more months, 1 more month until I'll be on the beach looking out at the blue gray waves. October actually better suits my mood...not too hot, a little more gray, decidedly less crowded. We changed it up and decided to stay at a high rise (rather than the inlaws place) and I was a bit skeptical at first. We mostly decided to do it so we could spread out, leave our crap on the floor and not feel guilty about it, and the number one reason...the water park! For a family with a 3 year old, this trumps all. As I type this, the RedHead and my Monkey are downstairs in the lazy river or going down water slides. My skepticism was immediately put to rest the moment we entered our 12th floor suite and I looked out over the balcony at the endless ocean and felt the salty breeze on my face. I think we've found our hotel for the next 5 years...or 10. So now I'm going to get off of this computer and go enjoy my holiday.

Friday, October 2, 2009

This made me smile

It made me smile even though it's sad...and often true.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why I Love Preschool

I know us mothers like to spout off reasons to send our babes to prepare them for Kindergarten, to improve their social skills, to allow them time with children their own age, to give them a break from their siblings, but I know the truth.

Those are just added perks...what I really love is:
*getting to run my errands with one less child
*letting the Bug take her morning nap while I sip coffee and surf the Internet uninterrupted.
*tidying up the house without someone going right behind me and undoing what I've just done.
*getting to have another preschool mom over and actually have adult conversation (not to be confused with "playdate talk" where you have to keep one eye and one ear on the children).
*getting to do my Bible study in peace

These are the real reasons I and, I hazard to guess, many other moms love preschool!
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