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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why I Love Preschool

I know us mothers like to spout off reasons to send our babes to prepare them for Kindergarten, to improve their social skills, to allow them time with children their own age, to give them a break from their siblings, but I know the truth.

Those are just added perks...what I really love is:
*getting to run my errands with one less child
*letting the Bug take her morning nap while I sip coffee and surf the Internet uninterrupted.
*tidying up the house without someone going right behind me and undoing what I've just done.
*getting to have another preschool mom over and actually have adult conversation (not to be confused with "playdate talk" where you have to keep one eye and one ear on the children).
*getting to do my Bible study in peace

These are the real reasons I and, I hazard to guess, many other moms love preschool!

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  1. Yes, it's nice to have just a little bit of time to do things & feel less rushed. I miss the kids but feel recharged when I pick them up.


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