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Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is just a run down of what's been on my mind this week:
-Remember not to even "jokingly" show your 3 year old son a cheerleader costume on the off chance that he will decide right then that he will be nothing other than a cheerleader for Halloween rather than the agreed upon firefighter. He's since offered 3 other options; a buzzy bee, candy corn(my mama's suggestion), or a cowboy(my last ditch suggestion since he has to dress up in western wear for his preschool fall festival anyway). Cowboy it is.

-I'm rereading The Party by Sally of my favorite books!

-Bug has absolutely no interest in sleeping through the night and I have absolutely no interest in letting her cry it out (...yet).

-I am excited about joining the church we have been visiting for the last few months.

-I have been to two covered dish dinners in two days and cooked for the RedHead's office covered dish...I'm cooked out for the week. Except I've already bought all the stuff to make Cinnamon Bun popcorn for Monkey's preschool teachers as their Halloween treat. Guess I'll keep on cookin'.

-I am ready for a day; pack the kids up and hand deliver them to their grandparents so I can sleep for 12 hours or go get a massage or finally get my house clean. I'm leaning towards A or B, C can wait.

-I'm wondering if no one reads your blog if it's like talking to yourself? Like in the way crazy people talk to themselves like someone is there listening to them...

-I like elipsis and I can't stop using them...even if I wanted to!

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