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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Holiday

I'm on holiday!! It was a bit difficult making it through the summer while all of my friend's and their families were off on their vacations to the beach. I kept thinking, just 3 more months, 2 more months, 1 more month until I'll be on the beach looking out at the blue gray waves. October actually better suits my mood...not too hot, a little more gray, decidedly less crowded. We changed it up and decided to stay at a high rise (rather than the inlaws place) and I was a bit skeptical at first. We mostly decided to do it so we could spread out, leave our crap on the floor and not feel guilty about it, and the number one reason...the water park! For a family with a 3 year old, this trumps all. As I type this, the RedHead and my Monkey are downstairs in the lazy river or going down water slides. My skepticism was immediately put to rest the moment we entered our 12th floor suite and I looked out over the balcony at the endless ocean and felt the salty breeze on my face. I think we've found our hotel for the next 5 years...or 10. So now I'm going to get off of this computer and go enjoy my holiday.

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