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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dinner Time

It's 10:03 and I'm eating my warmed over red curry Thai chicken because when I first attempted to eat it at 7:00 the Bug decided to pull a new trick out of her hat! It's called the scream so loud I shame my mommy into leaving the restaurant trick. I'm not talking a little whining or even a short burst of piercing screams, but continuous wails that echoed through the restaurant. Nothing would calm her and I couldn't get the check quick enough.

(Side Note: If you are even thinking of trying to console my screaming baby, don't be surprised if I come at you like a Mama Bear. If I can't calm her, what makes you think that a perfect stranger trying to talk to her 3 inches from her face would do any good? Yes I'm talking to you Miss Thai Restaurant Waitress!)

By the time I got her and my Monkey out of the restaurant and into the car I had pretty much broken a sweat and I don't want to even guess what my blood pressure was. I never once had this experience with Monkey so even though I'm a second time mom this is a new one for me. But here I am....Finally enjoying my dinner and no worries because tomorrow I will be in Boone (my home away from home) enjoying icecream from Kilwins, breakfast at Melanie's, and fun in the park with my babes!

PS- I also considered stopping at the package store for a bottle of Firefly Sweet Tea, but my motherly instincts told me that dragging your two kids into the ABC store wasn't the best idea...damn motherly instincts!

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