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Friday, July 16, 2010

Top Five Friday...Oh Bother.

I'm feeling a little stressed, overwhelmed, annoyed as of late. It's mostly me and I understand this so I'm hoping by writing it down I'll just get it out of my system. My Top 5 Bothers:

#1. My lips are uber chapped. In the middle of summer. What? Like burning chapped and clearly putting chapstick on 1,000 times a day isn't helping. Any suggestions?

#2. The fact that I'm not one of those people who, when stressed, claim "I couldn't possibly eat. I'm just too stressed." I say, "I'm stressed...pass me a gallon of icecream!"
**On another note, I did channel my stress into a major overhaul clean of our fridge. Sadly, while doing so I found the icecream.

#3. Realizing that I haven't packed ONE thing yet. The move into our new home is at least 6 weeks away but I still feel like I need to be packing now just to get it all done. (Icecream anyone?)

#4. The Monkey's lack of thanks when it comes to everything. I take him to the movies (Despicable Me is very cute!) and he asks if we can play games afterwards and if I'll buy him some shark Polliwalks. I know this is a phase, but it just doesn't fly with me. Here's an idea! I'll pack up his toys and then maybe he'll be appreciative of what he has AND I'll be started on my packing!

#5. ...

Ok, so just 4 things are bothering me. Feel free to fill in the 5th. And if you want to come to my pity party just bring some icecream.

**Okay, #5 can be that spellcheck wants me to make icecream 2 words. Um, no thank you. But you can still fill it in too.


  1. My lips get very chapped during the summer as well, I think because they accidentally get sunburned! I am also a procrastinator when it comes to all things, especially moving. Have a great weekend girl and get to packin!

  2. #3!!!

    How exciting - 6 weeks to go! I always pack last-minute, so I hear you on that. It's such a horrid thing to do, I always need zero time to get it done before I'm motivated.


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