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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Red Head...And A Temper To Match

People warned me. Even at just a few weeks...even days old, people would comment on her red hair and warned me to watch out for this one.

I thought, "No. Certainly not. My babies are calm, sweet, easy little things." I was wrong. They were right. Every single one of them.

I've never in my life seen the dramatics like Bug can put on. She can turn on the tears at the drop of a hat and everything offends her. The word NO is practically abuse and refusal to be picked up is tantamount to torture. She has to be in the middle of every situation, constantly engaged, and if she's not here's what you'll get.
Woe is me...I must be on the couch with you!
Hey, don't you see me crying here? game plan.
Cry and pull on Mama! She's got red hair and a temper to match!
I may need the Baby Whisperer with this one.


Go ahead and know ya' wanna!

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