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Saturday, July 24, 2010

House of the Nekkid Nappers

Today we're obviously hosting a nekkid party at my house.

Morning nap is over. I go in to get the Bug up. She's diaperless...and happy.

It's afternoon naptime. The monkey comes wandering out of his room claiming he can't go to sleep. Again, naked. It's only after I bring it to his attention that he's not wearing any clothes that he looks down and nods his head in agreement.

He still makes no effort to dress. But I'm not going to push it. It's blazing hot here and it's nekkid party day, obviously.


  1. That's funny! It is SOO hot I don't blame them!

  2. I don't blame them at all! Clothes are just too much to deal with, especially when it is 4000000* outside!

  3. This is soooo funny LOL....I can't say I blame them it is hot hot hot around here....

    What is it with kids and streaking....Kelcee loves to streak through the house after her bath and let us chase after her while she is laughing boy I am glad she is potty trained LOL

    Summer :)

  4. My husband is a nekkid napper, too! And trust me, that's a fair bit more disturbing!

  5. When things would go that way at my house when the kids were little my dad would say,"They must learn it from their parents!" :)

  6. haha! I remember getting GG up once after a nap only to find her diaperless too! Now she has to sleep with bloomers too. Don't want any extra surprises when I go to greet her!

    Yay for naked day at your house! You're such a good momma!


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