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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Listen Carefully

Sometimes God tries to tell you something by whispering it softly in your ear. Other times He puts it in front of you like a flashing neon sign so that it can not be ignored.

I have felt Him speaking to me both ways lately.

He's whispering to me that it's okay to live in the gray area of life. For a long time I held my opinion as the highest and I was under the assumption that if you weren't with me, you were against me. But now I'm learning to consider the other side. To sometimes not care at all. And to still appreciate my strong opinions, but respect the opposition.

Then there's the neon sign. This is usually the one that's harder to deal with. Mine has been the reminder that I need to be true to myself. Life will try to jade you. People will try to change you and trip you. I just need to remember that what matters is that I'm true to myself whether you like it or not. Beyond that, I just need to Let Go and Let God.

I'm hoping that if I listen carefully that I can always hear what God is trying to tell me.


  1. What a great post! I have struggled with this too lately! You just have to keep what's important to you in the forefront of your mind and let God take care of the rest! Hope you have a great weekend! ~Andrea

  2. I really liked this post! You are so right, sometimes it's hard to hear what God is saying to us...sometimes it's more of a whisper and other times He's yelling! Happy weekend!


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