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Monday, August 2, 2010

Today I'm the World's Worst Mother

...alternately titled, Responsibility's A B*!$@ Apparently you earn yourself the title of World's Worst Mother if you:

A. make your child take a nap.

B. concede to "rest time" when he claims that his eyes just won't stay closed. Apparently playing in your room is torture.

C. Make your child actually CLEAN up the mess they made during rest time.

D. Offer to clean it for them if they pay you $2 of their own money.

E. Offer to solve the whole problem by throwing the toys away.

F. tell them to stay in their room until they have chosen from either C, D, or E.

Teaching your child responsibility is hard...on the both of you.

Monkey, I graciously thank you for this award. And one day you'll thank me.

*Bug requested that I mention you can also earn an Honorable Mention as World's Worst Mother if you:
-refuse to carry your child on your hip at all times.
-refuse to feed them lunch unless they are seated.
-or fail to have no less than 5 snack options with you at all times.


  1. Oh girlie you crack me up! This was ha-larious and um I think I was in the running for that award yesterday....Kelcee got a balloon animal from the petting zoo and it came undone and she asked me to fix it and you know me and all my clown balloon shaping abilities (just kidding) well I popped it....yup she gave me the 3rd degree and told me to go to time out LOL

    Summer :)

  2. What a total hoot!!!!!!!!! I've ruined MANY fun times around here for my kids!!!

  3. LOL! So true! So very true! I told my boys tonight, that I was going to come over to their house when I'm old, and do what they do to me right now. Leave legos on the floor that mom steps on, mess up a room they just cleaned. Leave food all over the living room floor five minutes after they vaccum it. You get it.. They all looked at me like I was crazy.


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