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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some Days Are Stranger Than Others

Ever had a day that was going perfectly normal and then one weird thing happens and then all of the sudden you feel like you're in the middle of the twilight zone. Um, that was my day today.

Wake up feeling a bit dehydrated from muchos margaritas last night. Normal.

Go see Eat, Pray, Love with my Mama. (Loved it!) Normal.

Change diapers, feed babies, dole out discipline. All Normal.

Make a quick trip to Walmart...well, about that. It was all perfectly normal until a man approached me in the produce aisle and said, "Mmmm, onions." To which I looked at him and them back at the produce. Then he says, "You've got really pretty feet." And I look at him like, "Dude, you're freaking me out and I'm here with my baby so back the hell up." Sensing my uncomfortableness, he proceeds to repeat his point. "I just wanted to tell you that you have beautiful feet." Not normal. One more reason for me to avoid Walmart.

Then on the drive home I find myself behind this really cute old Mercedes. I look at the license plate because it's one of those phonetic spelling puzzle vanity plates and it reads, "IMAGYN". I immediately had duel thoughts go through my head; one did not come before the other, I literally read it two ways at once. Is it, "Imagine" or "I'm A Gyn (as in gynecologist)"??? You decide. Definitely not normal.

So my day went from plain to strange in about an hour. Happy Sunday!

*Note, those are not my feet. Those are google image feet. I'm sure the Walmart weirdo has googled feet many, many times!



    ok that i soooo creepy! not that you have pretty feet but the dude!

    as for the license plate...hmmmmm i would have thought both. either way FREAK

  2. If it's "I'm a Gyn"--who on earth would put that occupation on their license plate?! Weird...almost weirder than the feet comment, but not quite! I wish I had a reason like that to stay away from Wal Mart!

  3. 1. WAL-MART? WEIRD! I think I'd deck him with my purse. Although my mother had something similar happen, once...

    2. I read that as a "I'm a GYN." Which is weird, too.

  4. You can definitely count on running into a least one crazy during any given trip to the big W. I read it as Imagine...but the other makes me laugh!


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