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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stress For Sale

If you're feeling particularly content, calm, or bored, then I would be happy for you to purchase a little of my stress. Why didn't I consider that it would be difficult to be packing up a house, making final decisions on the home we're building, start back to work, and come to terms with not being a stay at home mommy anymore all in one month.

Maybe I did consider it, but I did what is easiest and tucked it neatly in the back of my mind so that I wouldn't have to deal with it.

Except now it's here and I have to deal with it.

Tomorrow I start back to work and although it will be an adjustment going back to work full time, I am very excited about my new job as a reading teacher.

I've currently packed a total of 8 boxes. Slowly but surely.

I think I'm ALMOST done making house decisions. Right now the painters are finishing, tile is being laid and the hardwoods, garage doors, and driveway are coming soon. Then we'll just need to put in the lighting and plumbing fixtures and we'll be done. I'm more than ready to move in!

(This pic is a few weeks old, but it's the most recent I've taken.)

Then there's the issue of leaving my babes. This has been the most amazing year and a half. All of my prayers were answered when I received the opportunity to be home everyday with Colson and Lilly-Belle. I will always be thankful for this time and I have a strong appreciation for all that stay at home moms do and glad that the RedHead was able to afford me this experience. I can't think about it too much because that's when the tears come, but I want my children to know that this year was the best year of my life. Thankfully we have the BEST sitter who loves them as much as I do, so I know they will be well cared for. I hope Miss Liz is ready for these two!


  1. I bet you are stressed! At the end of the process you will have a beautiful new house though! I'm sure the kids will be fine with the sitter, I know how hard it must be though =(

  2. I will gladly take some stress from you. Let me know if you need to vent. XOXO

  3. You can do it girl! I'll be praying for you!

  4. praying for your friend in this first week back!

  5. The house stress will surely be worth it though--so far it's gorgeous!!


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