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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I mentioned a few posts back that I was reading Eat, Pray, Love. I was prompted by the movie previews I saw (I know...a great way to get your reading list) to rush out and get this book to read so I could then watch the movie. So here's my take...

The book is basically divided into three sections chronicling her travels across Italy-Eat, India-Pray, and Indonesia (Bali)-Love.

I loved her tales of Italy! It sounded beautiful, exciting, and delicious. The prospect of landing oneself in a country and leaning the language and culture simply by experience seemed absolutely amazing (not to mention the food...and she mentions the food quite a bit).

The story of India was different. I always think it's amazing when people go through religious experiences, but as she conceded herself, they are practically indescribable. She still attempted to describe them and while it didn't quite sit right with me, I appreciate her openness in sharing such a personal experience. ( Her daily life she described at the Ashram was not what bugged me, just the description of her divine experience. And I'm sure it spoke directly to some people, just not me.)

Then came Bali. I love how she would just meet these people and become so involved in their lives. Wayan is probably my favorite of the people she encountered in her travels; hers is an amazing story. And of course, she met her love there. So romantic. I think the RedHead and I need a holiday there asap!

I think this was a wonderful book and I look forward to see the movie! If you want some romance and inspiration then definitely read this book.


  1. I want to read this book so bad, but it will have to be after the movie. I can't wait to see the movie!!

  2. Crazy timing - I'm in the middle of the India section right now! I'm having an interesting time trying to understand her religious experiences too; yoga and meditation isn't really a common religious experience where I'm from. But, I'm finding her story fascinating and I like her style of writing!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the movie too---I just love Julia R. anyway!

  4. I'm in the India section. I'm not enjoying that part as much as the Italy section.


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