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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mamaw's Pound Cake

I first posted my recipe for my Mamaw's Pound Cake as part of the Sips of the South series that I participated in, but that was months ago and I think that this is a recipe worth sharing twice. Plus I have a picture of said delicious cake this go round.

I made this cake to take to the men who are working on our new house...just a sweet treat to say thanks. (This is actually the second cake. The first one was promptly eaten by myself and family when the crew failed to show up to work on Saturday. We didn't complain about having to eat it too much though.)
I didn't make the icing for this one because it will be in the heat but I highly recommend making it, it's divine.
And a few more tips:
This cake is NOT made in a bundt pan. I use a tube pan; it looks exactly like an angel food cake pan except that it isn't two parts. If you don't have one go find one, they make the best cakes! If you can't, a bundt pan will suffice until you get a tube.
Don't you dare think of substituting margarine for the butter or heaven forbid one of those artificial sweeteners for the sugar. (I know what Splenda claims but I just don't believe it.)
Remember not to preheat your oven. And it may take a little over 1 and 1/2 hours, just let the top get a bit crusty and lightly golden.
Now go forth and bake!


  1. OK I SOOOO WANT THAT CAKE STAND!!! as for the tube pan...that is one gadget i don't own!!!

    i will def try this know me and my love for baking!

    updates on's it going?

  2. Yummo and like Laura I want that cake stand too!

    I call my grandmother Mama (mawmaw) too!

    Thanks for this great recipe! My husband and dad love pound cake and this recipe looks like it'll rival my own mom's pound cake recipe!

  3. Oh pound cake! We have a cherished family recipe for it too! It's horrible for you...and the most delicious thing any of us women make!

  4. oooh!! YUM.MY!!!!!!! gotta try it sooooon! the cake stand too :)

  5. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I know exactly where the Myrtle Beach travel park is. What a small world!!!


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