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Thursday, June 30, 2011


What's up buttercup?

What I'm reading:


What I'm watching:

True Blood

What I'm eating:

Fried green tomatoes and watermelon

What I'm drinking:

Water...bleh, and sweet tea...yum!

What I'm loving:
Being at home with the babes.
Drinking coffee on the back deck.
Days at the pool. (This could go on and on.)

What I'm hating:
Wasps that try to invade our back deck.

What I'm wearing:
My newest Goodwill finds:
A $3 black Gap sundress
$3 Express Linen pants
and carrying my $1 straw bag

Where I'm going:

Headed to the beach in South Carolina in a couple weeks!

What I'm wanting:

2 new skirts from Forever21.

Where I'm shopping:
Loving the local Farmer's Market for fresh veggies
Etsy for fun treasures!

What's going on with you?


  1. I only just started watching True Blood recently, at my husband's insistence. Other than I can't seem to find Sookie a likeable character (way too much of a princess and all-or-nothing with Bill for my taste), I'm quite enjoying it!

  2. haha nice tastes my fren..I too watch true blood as am a big fan of it..the two skirts u have shown are pretty u knw..Nice blog and nice tastes. Website Designer Riyadh

  3. Love this post! I might copy it soon =) I love love love Goodwill finds! There is nothing better!


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