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Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Monkey Turns Six!

Colson's 6th birthday was yesterday and we have been celebrating BIG! We began the day with balloons in the bed and then Nana and I went to eat lunch with him at school.

Later he shared cupcakes with his classmates and we finished off the day with a trip to his favorite restaurant, Don Juans!

Today was his party and the one word that best describes it has to be...chaos! It was wonderful chaos.  The children colored, blew bubbles, played basketball, ate hotdogs and then had cake. Colson loved being surrounded by his family and friends and sharing in fun times with them. Here are a "few" pictures from his big day!

Colson' Cars Cake from the best bakery, Cake and All Things Yummy!

As they counted down the minutes before guests arrived!
Coloring Cars Pictures
Pressley (Miss Student of the Week) and Harvey the Dog
The boys eating lunch
Nana, Liz, and Lauren
Singing Happy Birthday to Colson!!
Lilly-Belle eating her cupcake like a boss!
Cousin EJ being silly!
Thanks to Nick for the aerial shot of us opening presents!
Opening presents with the kiddos, Grienky, and Ya-Ya
Waiting to rebound!
Mr. Shep on the trike
Luke showing Colson some defense!
Lilly-Belle and Sophie
Wendy and Logan, Heather and Phoebe
Poppy, Josh and EJ on the golf cart
Colson and a sweet classmate, Peyton
Double Trouble...Colson and Jacob
Colson with Ava and Annie
Shep, Sophie, and Colson
Happy Birthday Colson!


  1. his cake was adorable! Glad the party went well. Have a great week! ~Andrea

  2. Yay! Your blogging again :) looks like he had a great birthday party!


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