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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

True Story...How I found out I was pregnant

Finding out I was pregnant this time had to be the most bizarre experience ever. It wasn't that it came as a surprise (we has been trying for several months), it was just completely strange.

It was Easter Sunday and we went to bed, planning on a big trip to the zoo the following day with my mom and the kids. Then, in the middle of the night I woke up to the sound of coyotes howling in my backyard. Not off in the distance, but like right in my backyard. I sat straight up in bed and Nick woke up too and after listening to them and deciding that we weren't hallucinating, he got out of bed and turned on the flood light in the back. The howling stopped, but we were wide awake.

As Nick was looking on the internet to see if we did in fact have coyotes in our yard, I remembered a vivid dream I was having before I awoke. In my dream, I had taken a pregnancy test and I was looking at was positive.

I am a big believer in dreams (it is the meaning behind my tattoo) so I went and promptly took a pregnancy test. Of course, it was positive! I made Nick look at it and nod yes that he saw the second line too, and then I attempted to go back to sleep.  I told my mom the next day so she too could verify that she saw the faint pink line, but then we waited a few weeks to tell others because I found out so very early (I was only 3 weeks along).

 It's been 10 weeks since that night and I am now entering my second trimester. So far, this pregnancy is different than either of my other two so no guesses as to if it's a boy or girl. I think we may let this one be a surprise! 
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  1. I think that's awesome you might let this one be a surprise! Our pediatrician and his wife did that and said it was the best decision, such a wonderful surprise!

  2. What a wonderful story! I love hearing about how people discovered they were preggo. I cannot wait to see if you decide to be surprised. We were and it was so much fun, but either way, these next 27 weeks should be amazing!


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