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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sam at 3 Months

Here's Sam-a-Doodle at 3 months!
Weight: 13lb This is an estimate based on our bathroom scale since he doesn't go back to the doctor until his 4 month checkup.

Length:  23.5 inches

Sleep: He is sleeping about 4-5 hours at a time, but in the past few days it's been 3 hours on the d.o.t! Can we say "growth spurt"??

Awake: He still enjoys his playmat for short periods, but he will now crane his neck and wiggle around to look at the t.v. Not really a fan of this habit, so unless we're watching something it's off. He loves to have me sing silly songs to him and make him do little dances.

He is not a fan of tummy time.
Eating: We're trying an Avent bottle, but with about as much success as the Similac one. Guess I won't be going anywhere for a while.
Other fun facts: He slept in his room for the first time on February 24th. It was hard for me and I left the crade beside our bed for about two weeks. I finally moved it to the corner of the room the other day...just in case he needs to use it. :)
He will carry on a conversation with you. I will talk and then ask him a question and he'll babble back. Of course, I pretend that I know exactly what he's saying and then we continue the exchange. I love this little man!

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