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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fast Approaching

Ready or it comes!

It seems hard to believe that Christmas will be here next Friday! This season has felt oddly different, cut short for some reason. The RedHead and I have both dealt with the loss of a grandparent in the past month, and I think our attention has been averted to them (and rightly so). However, I decided to get my rear in gear on Monday. The tree is up, presents are wrapped, stockings are hung, and the baking has begun! Here's a few treats I've been making!

I've made Pecan and Cashew Turtles, Party Mix, and Rice Krispie treats (these were for my Monkey's preschool party, so they've already been demolished). Oh, and here's my Monkey at his performance. When they sang "Jesus Loves Me" I just about melted. It was so sweet!

We had also decorated the RedHead's cubicle at work for a contest and he won! Yeah, we probably spent a bit too much time on it, but it did look great! Sorry, no pic. But I do have a pic of the goodies that were in the gift basket he received for winning! I am glad someone remembers some of the traditional Christmas gifts like we always had in my house growing up, nuts, fruit, and orange slices. (The only thing missing was some creme drops and cheese...that was my Mamaw's favorite)


The RedHead and I aren't exchanging gifts, just dinner out together for our anniversary/Christmas present, but if I were getting a gift, I'd like this!
BlendTec Blender

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, a few pic outtakes as I tried to snap a pic for our Christmas card.


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! What yummy sweet treats you have going over there....and your little ones are such cutie patooties!!! And YES! I agree......for some reason this season has seemed oddly different and I have no idea why??? Can't wait to peek around.....Merry Christmas!

  2. YUM! I LOOOOOVE turtles! Love the Christmas tree too, your kids are darling, I can't put presents under the tree until Christmas cause the two year old still doesn't get that he can't tear them apart! Thanks for the visit! Have a great holiday!


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