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Friday, September 10, 2010

Belle Is Back With A Brand New Edition

So, I've obviously been neglecting my blog. It's not that I've forgotten it, I've thought about posting many times in the past couple weeks yet something (WORK and EXHAUSTION) has held me back. But guess what ladies, I'm back.

And in yet another homage to my love of lists I'll just share a few randoms:

1. I desperately need a haircut. I've been "growing it out" but I'm permantly in that awkard stage and it's just stringy and unkept. I gotta get my style back ASAP!

2. Tonight is a sweet water night. I'll be having several servings of sweet water to reward myself for my hard work this week.

3. I am totally in love with my new job as a reading specialist. The children are wonderful, my coworkers are exceptional, and I couldn't ask for a better boss!

4. I saw a lady in a hospital gown riding on a golf cart on a main road. I asked the RedHead if we should call someone.

5. We are planning on having final inspection next Tuesday so we should have our CO (certificate of occupancy) next week sometime! Then the moving will begin!

Just a few snippets, but if the sweet water keeps flowing more blogging may be to come!

Happy Friday Friends!


  1. hmmmm i would have followed the lady to see where she goes...snap a few pics too...i mean who doesn't want to see that?!!!

    as for ur house...woohoo! i can't wait for you to move in!

  2. Jared is the Sweet Water man! He went to Georgia to talk to the people to get Sweet Water in this area! We have SW glasses, shirts, hats, you name it we have it! I will have to get you a shirt!

  3. Shelli, I'd LOVE a shirt. I actually didn't know there was a sweet water beer. In college we just called all alcohol "sweet water" so I wasn't actually drinking that particular one, but now I can't wait to try it!

  4. It's totally understandable! You have so much going on!

  5. Enjoy your sweet water! The brand or the general drink :)

  6. Okay, I just gotta know, did you go back and add a reading specialist degree or certification? I was actually considering this as I'm not sure I ever want to return to the classroom in a primary teaching capacity! Glad that you're loving your job!


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