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Friday, September 17, 2010

Signs That She's A Girly-Girl

My precious little Bug is growing up so fast! 16 months already, and acting like she's 16 at times. I've recently noticed a number of things that have caused me to realize that I have a certified girly-girl, miss priss, drama queen on my hands.

Bug loves to carry a purse (my lunchbag) around with keys and a hairbrush inside. Bless if that pretty red hair were to get messed up!

She puts her hands on her hips. Yes, at 16 months.

She rides her ladybug Radio Flyer while using a glue stick as lip gloss. (First driving lesson will be: no applying makeup while driving).

She has her Daddy and her brother wrapped around her little finger.

She loves to carry my heels around the house.

She knows exactly how to look at you and say "cookie" so that you'll give her one every time.

This girl's gonna be trouble, but she sure is fun!


  1. How funny! Why is it that our lil' ones love putting buckets on their heads? Love the VB lunch tote!

  2. She is precious!! I'm surprised she doesn't have something to be her cell phone!!

  3. How precious! She is definitely a girlie girl :)

  4. Oh, I love it! She is precious! Nothin' better than a little Southern girly girl!

  5. I loooove her putting on her gluestick/lipstick while driving!! I can remember like it was yesterday when my 15 year old daughter was that cute and little :(

  6. How freakin adorable! I love it. I remember seeing pics of me doing just that when I was her age! So cute and def a girly girL!


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