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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In the Moment Mommy

Let me set the scene. It's the last day of our week long vacation at the beach and for some odd reason it pops into my head, "Hmmm, I don't think we've taken any pictures this week."

I ask the RedHead and he confirms that he took about three pictures of Monkey on the beach the first day, but that's it.

We head to the arcade to play a few more games and cash in $20 worth of tickets on $2 worth of prizes and I snap a few pictures of the Bug on the little merry-go-round.

I felt a bit down at first that we had no documentation of all the fun we had that week. No pictures of splashing in the pool, eating huge cones of icecream, or playing putt-putt. But then I realized that in order to have those pictures I couldn't have been in on the fun of all of these activites. I bet some mommies can handle the activity plus the pictures, but for me I have to be totally involved (especially with Lilly) or be totally observant (just taking pictures).

For me, I'd rather be an in-the-moment kind of mommy. I want my kids to remember having fun with me, not having fun with daddy while mommy took pictures of it. This kind of eased the regret I felt for not having any "proof" of our fun, but I will try to take at least one day and just do tons of pictures so I have something to look back on when the memories begin to fade.

Enjoy the following photo montage of our 2011 summer vacay!

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