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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Life List

Last week I wrote my Life List. Some people call it a Bucket List, but that just sounds so negative to me so I went with Life List. I consider this a work in progress. Cross 'em off and add 'em as I go.

Things To Do This Lifetime

Take a mother/daughter trip with Mama and Lilly-Belle

Buy a pair of Louboutins

See the Grand Canyon

Read the Bible from beginning to end

Take ballet (again)

Buy/Drive a baby blue Ford Thunderbird

Paint a painting for my home

Go to a spa and have "the works"

Serve in a soup kitchen with my family

Start a retirement fund

Get a passport

Sell an item on etsy

Take piano lessons

Grow my hair to the middle of my back

Own a vacation home

Learn to make my own spaghetti sauce (must be yummy)

Take a second honeymoon to Punta Cana

Take a walk after dark under a full moon

Attend a fashion show during Fashion Week (doesn't matter the city)

Own a real typewriter

Perfect giving myself a manicure

Commission a handbag to be made

Learn French

Travel to France

Renew my wedding vows

Have a third child

Take a trip to Disney World

Get another tattoo

Hold someone's hand while they give birth

Travel to Las Vegas

Grow a garden (where the plants survive)

Get a cruiser bicycle and actually ride it

Run a 10k

Go on a solo trip

Learn to crochet

Go to a blog conference

Go horseback riding

Learn to make biscuits like Mamaw's

Buy a nice pair of cowboy boots

Go on a mission trip


Go ahead and know ya' wanna!

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