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Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to eat cheesecake (the healthy way)

So, last weekend my mom and I went to Charlotte so she could get a pair of "birthday boots" (which are beautiful and I wish we wore the same size!) and I took her to eat at the Cheesecake Factory for her birthday dinner. Nick and I have been eating pretty well at home and I've promised to try to not sabotage this lifestyle with my love of sweets. we're eating dinner I decide that I should offer to bring him a piece of cheesecake because it'd just be rude to not at least offer.

So I call him: "Not to try to tempt you or anything, but do you want me to bring you a piece of cheesecake?"

Nick: Let me do a little checking and see what the damage would be.

Fair enough. Then I get this text:

Nick: No thanks on the cheesecake. Only about 1100 calories per slice.

I share this info with Mom, but that doesn't make us want it any less. So I leave with a piece of Snickers cheesecake. Of course, I have to have one bite before we leave the restaurant.

Now here's where you learn how to eat cheesecake the healthy way.

You eat one bite before leaving. You walk off those calories hiking through the mall and back to the car.

You offer your husband a bite when you get home. Another 100 calories gone.

You eat 1/2 of the remaining cheesecake before bed. So you've really only banked 450 calories.

Then when you get up at 3am (to feed a baby or whatever) you eat the rest. It's technically the next day so those calories go on that day.

See, not that bad for you at all. I can justify anything!

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