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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sam at Two Months

Technically he's two and a half months now, but here is Mister Samuel's two month stats:

Weight: 11lb 10oz
Length: 23 inches
Sleep: His first stretch of sleep in the evenings will be 5-6 hours and then 3 hours after that.
Awake: He likes to lay on his play mat or be held and walked around during his wake time.  We love to use the moby wrap for those times when he wants some extra "hold me" time.

Eating: Nursing is going great, but he isn't the biggest fan of the bottle. We're going to try some different kinds to see if there's one he'd prefer over the Similac bottle we've been trying.

Other fun facts: He gets up about 5:30 every morning and gets in the bed with me and Nick for some snuggle time.

He started smiling at about 7 weeks and is now beginning to coo and laugh.

He is definitely a Mama's boy!!

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