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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Bug is 4!

Lilly-Belle celebrated her 4th birthday (or I should say birthday week) last week. Each time we celebrate a birthday, I am reminded at just how fast time passes and how quickly they grow up. Here are a few pictures of her celebrations!

Being the "birthday girl" at Don Juans:

Her Princess Party with our family.
All about Lilly_Belle

Her dreamcicle princess was delicious!

So sassy!

With Miss Liz and Lauren

Ready to open presents
With Ya-Ya

Singing Happy Birthday!

Cutting the cake with Mom and GiGi

Getting icecream from Nana

Lilly and GiGi

Snuggles with Uncle Marc

With Nana

With Uncle Josh and cousin EJ

We also went to Chuck E. Cheese with one of her friends this past weekend...see what I mean. Girl likes to party all week long! Happy Birthday Baby Red!!

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