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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Easily Obsessed

I am, by admission, someone who is easily obsessed. Sadly, it is often over material things, but I am also known to obsess over life issues (my career, my babes, my body, my health, and on and on) as well. Once an idea/desire/fear enters my mind, it often never leaves until I can somehow settle it. I'm just not the "let it go" kinda girl. Here's a few memories of my obsessions...(ok just 2 because I ended up being long's a southern thing).

*My engagement: This was an immature obsession. I dated the RedHead for 5 years (we started dating in high school) and come my sophomore year in college I began to obsess about when he would pop the question. I wasn't really concerned with the ring so much, just "when" we would be engaged. Now I can think back and say, "Ok, I was only 19...what was the rush?" However 5 years seems like an eternity when you're dating at that age. I would constantly set myself up for failure. EVERY holiday or special date I would suspect that this was going to be the day...and it wasn't. When I'd finally forced myself to quiet this obsession (I say quiet because I definitely didn't give it up, I just didn't talk his head off about it anymore) it happened! It was a big surprise! It was Easter Sunday (my junior year of college); we had been to church and were eating our Easter lunch when he gave me my "Easter basket" full of candy and down at the bottom was the ring box. Right there at the kitchen table in front of my mama he asked me to marry him. I will always think he is the most wonderful man for this act alone. My mama loves the RedHead like he is her own son and for him to allow her to witness his proposal was such a kind gift. ---Fast Forward: We were engaged a year and a half, married right before Christmas (the church was beautiful with the tree, poinsettias and wreaths!), and are now the proud parents of two babes!

*"THE" purse. For a long time I wanted a Louis Vuitton. When I say wanted, I really mean lusted after this purse. I am a purse whore, sad but true, and I know this is a character flaw. But I still wanted the purse. I spent many hours on the Internet looking at all of the styles, trying to figure out how I could afford one, what was I willing to give up to get this purse. I just knew I'd love it and it would go with everything! I finally picked out a style, the Trouville, and came up with a game plan to get it. I would get a credit card (with no interest for 12 months) and pay a monthly payment until it was paid off. Then the big day came! I was going to drive to a larger city the had a LV store in their mall and get my purse! Well, having researched every aspect concerning style, payment, etc...I happened to neglect one detail. I drove all the way to the mall, walked my happy self into that store, asked for the purse, and guess purse! It was out of stock. Very anticlimactic. I promptly came home (very ill) and placed my order on ELuxury. It came about a week later and I have carried that purse like nobody's business. And I did pay it off with no interest. And I was right, it does go with everything! I know you thought this story might have been about a lesson learned, but sometimes a woman knows what she wants and she's right (even if it is just a purse).

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