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Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Simple Enough"

"This should be simple enough." These are often the words that go through my mind before a disaster...before I attempt a new recipe, a home improvement project, or as it was most recently, an outing with the children. We had a birthday party to attend, so the plan was to make a quick trip to the mall to get a gift. I had already picked out a cute dress online and was going to zip in and pick it up from the store and be back home in time for lunch. Now here's what really happened...

First, the skys darkened, the heavens opened up and it poured rain-- which is always fun (especially for a 3 year old boy who happens to LOVE puddles).

Then the Bug (who went on a hunger strike before we left home when it was convenient for me to nurse her) decides 5 minutes into our visit that she's now ready to eat. Soooo, I find the closest department store with a mother's room and I feed her.

Now, it wouldn't be any fun if my Monkey didn't decide to pitch his own little fit as he got a case of the "gimmes." But I quickly settled that by threatening to paint his back porch red calmly explaining to him that we were only shopping for the birthday gift.

45 minutes into the "quick trip" I had fed the Bug, put my Monkey in his place, and entered into the store to get the dress. Of course...they were out of her size. This was going well!

We spent the next hour going from store to store trying to find a gift we could afford, but was still cute. And as we went from store to store, we had a lovely friend join us. Enter the mall walker. Her route and our timing must have been in sync because she passed us 3 times. And when I say "passed," I mean walk right up on our heels before stomping around us only to cut back RIGHT in front of the stroller. (Excuse me, but the mall is for shopping...and I don't like being stalked by an enthusiastic senior who about plows me and my toddler over in her attempt to burn a few calories). I swear my patience grew 3 times that day because I succeeded in not speeding up the stroller as she cut back in and accidentally clipping her heels.

We did end up finding a beautiful little dress for a great deal, had pizza at the food court, and both babies fell asleep on the way home. See, it was simple enough.

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