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Friday, September 4, 2009

Life With a 3 Year Old

When you live with a 3 year old you will learn the following lessons:

~"Go Fish" is a complicated game in which said toddler gets to draw a card every time regardless of whether it is actually his turn or not.

~You will be called in to observe and compliment his poo on a daily basis.

~You will hear your own words thrown back at you and you will have not power to dispute them because you must admit that you say it all the time. "You need to follow the rules." (He will make up his own rules and insist that you follow them.) "Shhhh...just a minute please." (You may use while doing housework or while on the computer, but for a toddler works just as well as he watches cartoons.)

~He will recognize a beer or wine bottle and proclaim to anyone he meets that, "Daddy drinks beers, and Mommy drinks wines."

~(This one is more of a warning) If you give your child a nickname, such as Monkey, you better be prepared to deal with your child wanting anything and everything with a monkey on it. This goes for a favorite color as well...imagine my (and his) delight when I found an Orange shirt with a Monkey on it for his first day of Preschool!!

(same monkey is on his shirt...too cute!)

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