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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Buggy Boo is Two!

Today we celebrated Bug's 2nd birthday and what a cute little Bug she was!
We had friends and family over to help us celebrate and it made my heart happy to see so many little ones running around playing together. A house full of children always makes me smile...even if it is simply chaos.

They played and then we sang Happy Birthday and ate snacks and cake.

I just loved her ladybug cake!

The older kids made Gak, which was wild but totally fun, and then we opened presents.
She was in present heaven. Everyone completely spoiled her, but it's okay because every little girl needs to be spoiled once in a while. Happy Birthday Buggy Baby!(Eating, or should I say devouring, her birthday cupcake.)


  1. I love her tutu!! Beautiful cake, who made it??

  2. Oh how cute! Our kids are about the same age. Grant's birthday was on the 21st! How cool is that. I love the tutu and the cake looked awesome!

  3. I Like your blog, it is organized and I love the cake>> It seems to be delicious


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