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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Even Mommys Have A Wild Streak

Last week I went and got a new tattoo. I had one on the right side of my back already, the Chinese character for "dream". But then I got a little idea that I wanted another one to go across my whole lower back. I wanted it to tie into the one I had already.

I chose the character for dream for a couple reasons and I wanted this one to be beautiful and meaningful to me as well. I decided on a crescent moon, but I wanted the moon to be a woman's face because my astrological sign in Virgo (the Virgin).

So I shared my ideas with an awesome artist in a neighboring city and he drew it up for me and agreed that we should reink my existing tattoo. A couple weeks later I was set up for an appointment to have it done.

Here's the finished product and I love it!

**It may look a little dry/bumpy because this was taken after 3 days so it still has a little healing time to go.

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