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Monday, April 25, 2011

My Little Cottontails

Just a few pictures of my two little cottontails this Easter. Easter is full of fun and egg hunts and filled Easter baskets, but it's also a time of miracles and wonder and promise. On the way to church we were talking and I was asking Monkey about the Easter story and what happened to Jesus. And he knew. He knew of His death, dying for our sins, of the tomb and how He rose and the tomb was empty. That was something I wish I could capture in a picture. All of the Easter fun we have is beautiful, but that was the most beautiful Easter moment this year.

Family Shot
Easter Carnage

Monkey Posing...isn't he handsome.

Bug in her Bunny dress made by YaYa.

After the Bunny visited

A random little Piggy. Just for fun.

On the run for eggs!

He loves the hunt! :)

And I had a big glass of sweet tea with lunch! After not having it since the Lenten season began it was the biggest treat!


  1. how sweet! Love those baskets! =)

  2. Rejoice!!!! Easter is such a renewing time of the year!!! Happy spring wishes to you and your little cottontails :)

  3. How adorable! Love the photos and the wonderful story. :) You must be a very proud momma!


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