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Sunday, November 4, 2012

32 Weeks

32 weeks

The Belly:

Hi Point: NOT going into labor with the full moon ;) I'm also really happy that I've pretty much got my bag packed for the hospital. When I went to the hospital with Colson, I had nothing but a pillow and a bag of dry cereal (I didn't know I was actually going to have a baby after all), so I like to be prepared a bit early. I packed around 30 weeks or so with Lilly-Belle and still made it a few more weeks, so I went ahead and began packing for our little ButterBean. Now the bags can just sit there another month or so and we'll be good!

Here are just a few things that will be coming to the hospital with us:
For Mommy:
Warm and Fuzzy Robe from Gap

A New Nursing Gown

For Baby:
Sweet Pea Outfit from BabyGap

Jungle Aiden & Anias Swaddle Blankets

Lo Point: Welcome back nausea. That's all I have to say.

Siblings: Both are still pretty excited, but Lilly-Belle is definitely more curious at this point. About every other day she asks if it's Christmas so the baby can come out. She'll be thrown for a loop if the baby does arrive earlier because she's expecting it to be then and I have a feeling she'll want presents then too!

Cravings: Old fashioned cherry cokes from the drug store and Chicken Souvlaki with lots of tzatziki sauce. Thank you Nick for getting that for supper last week!!

Lbs: +33

Looking Forward To: Meeting my friend's baby boy Max (aka Batman) who was born this past weekend. Boy is he a cutie! I can get my baby fix until I can hold my own little one.

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  1. I'm getting excited about ButterBean's arrival! Can't wait to see the little one!


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