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Sunday, November 18, 2012

34 Weeks

34 weeks

The Belly:
So...I've been on bedrest for a few days. This is what you get. Just keeping it real.

34 weeks in the penguin pjs

Hi Point: I had an ultrasound on Tuesday and got to see our sweet little baby! I say we saw him/her, but actually we had quite a tough time getting a glimpse at baby's face. It seems that our little ButterBean is a bit camera shy!  I also got to go out to a delicious lunch with my mother-in-law and we did a bit of Christmas shopping as well. It was wonderful!

Lo Point: Early Saturday morning, about 2:00, I got up for the second time and after having a snack and glass of milk I went back to bed, but I didn't get any bumps or kicks from ButterBean. And I "always" feel some type of movement so I poked around and rubbed my belly, but still nothing for the next hour or so. I woke Nick up and decided to go ahead to the hospital just to have them check on baby. He stayed with the babes and I called Mom to meet me there.

They started monitoring me and all of the excitement seemed to wake ButterBean baby was just fine! But they noticed that I was contracting (some pretty strong ones, but I wasn't even feeling them at first) so they monitored me for just a bit. They seemed to be regular, about every 2 minutes, and when they checked me I was dialated to 2cm. The nurses were in calling back and forth with my doctor and they gave me 2 bags of fluid just in case I was dehydrated (which it turns out I wasn't) and a shot of terbutaline to stop my contractions. They continued to monitor me and my contractions spaced out and weakened so they decided I could go home, but stay on bedrest for the next couple days. I was 34wks 5days, and I need to be at lease 35wks to deliver in our hospital.

Tomorrow I will be 35wks and then we can just wait and see when our little one decides to make his/her arrival. It may be some time this week, but then again Saturday could have been a fluke and it may be weeks. I guess we'll see...

Siblings: Colson had a lot of questions once he found out I went to the hospital. He asked my mom, "So, what's going on with the baby?" I love how he loves his brother or sister already!
Here he is as Arthur for book character day at school this week.

Cravings: Nothing new

Lbs: +35

Looking Forward To: Enjoying these days before baby arrives...having coffee with a friend, one more prenatal massage, and a big Thanksgiving dinner. All planned unless someone decides they want to go ahead and meet us this week ;)

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  1. I can remember the day my 3rd came into the world. I was worried before hand who would take care of the other 2, 1 of which was just 1 year old. We got through it and now at 4,5,7 they all just drive me crazy....I mean make me so happy. Blessings to you and yours. FYI, although I'd love any of your friends to check out my new blog I saw that you are a teacher, as my wife was/is and though you might benefit from a site. I have no connection to it, my wife is selling items on it to suppliment (sp?) our income. There are a few others but thought you could at least take a peak. Good luck with baby!!!


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