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Friday, November 20, 2009

Forgive Me Friends...This Week's Confessions

I'm going to purge a bit and share with you my 7 weekly sins (nothing too juicy I regretfully admit).

Confession 1: Let's get the dirtiest confession out of the way first. I am loving Britney Spear's new song, 3. And I think she's a really good singer. And I dance to it in my car. (This is bad; it should count at 3 sins really.)

Confession 2: I like to say that I'm hanging on to the last 5 lbs of baby weight because I'm nursing, but I really know that there's only one real reason...Reese's PeanutButter Cups.

Confession 3: I love pink and green...I love Lilly...but I refuse to buy it for 3 reasons. 1-too expensive 2-a girl with double Ds doesn't do strapless 3-my hips are always too wide for those shift dresses (see confession #2)

Confession 4: I stink at staying on budget. I haven't stayed on budget since I went out of work. And the RedHead knows this. Boo! :(

Confession 5: I told my Monkey that we were out of icecream because I wanted to eat the last serving while he napped, Bad Mommy!

Confession 6: I'm totally planning on buying a back-up frozen pecan pie just in case mine doesn't turn out well. (Atonement for future Thanksgiving sin next week.)

Confession 7: I haven't shared with any of my friends or family that I'm blogging. It's no big deal, but I just didn't want to tell anyone when I started. I'm thinking the RedHead may know, so maybe I'll share with others soon.

There they are, this weeks confessions. Anything you want to confess? Oh, and please don't crack on #1, I'm fully aware of how bad it is!

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  1. ok your confessions had me busting out you know how many times i have told the kids we were out of something b/c i wanted to eat it? i mean there are so many of them and only 1 of me...easier to split it equally!


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