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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In My Kitchen

There are a few things that you will always find in my kitchen. They are some of my favorite things, yet simple things.

1.Chocolate Syrup--My absolute favorite! I love it on icecream, to dip fruit in, and the best...chocolate milk.

2.Butter--I feel like I'm buying butter all the time, especially this time of year when I do a lot of comfort food cooking. Margarine may be just as good, but I don't want to know. Butter is southern and so am I.

3.Goldfish--Yeah I know, not very interesting. But I'm a Mama and if you're a Mama then you have goldfish in your kitchen.

4.Frozen Fruit--I don't always have fresh fruit (I'm terrible about letting bananas go bad) but I do keep frozen fruit. Peaches and berries are my favorite and they are a great snack.

5.Standard Baking Ingredients--I have only recently seen the benefits of having these ingredients on hand, but they have saved the day when my Monkey is bored and we want something to do. We just look up a sweet recipe and then we have something fun to do together. Warning: None of them are healthy and you may have to deal with a sugar high and crash as a result of using them!

My list includes: Butter (already mentioned)
Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Confectioners sugar, Heavy Cream, Vanilla extract, Baking Powder, and Baking Soda. There's so many things you can make with these ingredients.

What's always in your kitchen?

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