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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Man to Emulate

My husband's grandfather passed away this past Saturday, so we've been away for the past couple days to attend his visitation and funeral. I have to say that I sadly didn't get to know his grandfather very well...we only see his grandparents a couple times a year since they live further away, but what I witnessed in his passing spoke volumes about the man he was.

I had the honor of standing in the line to receive condolences from those who came to pay their respects at the funeral home and I bet I shook no less than 500 hands that night. Then yesterday, at the funeral, I heard moving words spoken about him, the works he did, and the faith he had in the Lord. As a veteran, he had the Honor Guard there to do their part in the services. The shots rang out and Taps was played; it was a special moment.

Even after his death, he is touching made me want to know that I will be remembered in the same way, and so may my husband, and that I will raise children who leave their mark on this world. I want to be known for giving more than I received, treating others fairly and kindly, and most of all I want to be known for my faith. He was a man to emulate.

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