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Friday, November 13, 2009

A Lesson In Sharing

Everyone in our house has been practicing the art of sharing this week. Unfortunately, it was icky nasty germs that have been shared among the four of us. It started last Sunday when my Monkey started going downhill after church. By Sunday evening he had a fever and a stuffy little head cold. His fever ran through Monday morning and by Tuesday he was back to being his normal self (with only a cough left).

Monday night the RedHead started feeling bad...same symptoms...same virus...same cough...better by Thursday.

Then came the Bug. She got sick throughout the day on Wednesday and as of today, she's still at it. She's just a hot mess of snot, tears, and sneezes. It's absolutely pitiful (and a bit gross the way she insists on either eating or smearing the snot all over her face as soon as she sneezes). Yeah, I've been carrying around nasty tissues for the past two days, but I've also had to resort to wiping her face with a sock, burp cloths, and my shirt (don't's better than having her finger paint her face with it). I'm hoping tomorrow is her day of recovery!

And me? Well, I've been trying to fight it off with every vitamin and fluid I can put in my body. I do feel a little bad at night and in the morning, but through the day I'm good. I just hope no one "shares" with me. It's one lesson I don't want to learn.

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  1. Hi! not sure how I came across your blog but sure glad I did! Hope everyone gets to feeling better real soon and that you have a great weekend! = )


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