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Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Okay..

I'm linking up again today with Amber and Neely for It's Okay Thursday. Click the button above if you'd like to link up too!
It's okay... to be frustrated when people don't do their jobs. It's called responsibility. Check it out!

It's okay... to feel a little weepy because your little boy is going to the beach for 5 days without you.

It's feel weepy because you're so proud of that same little boy for singing praise to God at VBS.

It's crush on fashion blogs.
la vie petite
Clothed Much
Kendi Everyday
little tin soldier

It's work in your classroom days before you're paid to be there because you want it to be just right for the kids when they arrive.


  1. i have zero fashion...i should check those out

  2. Awww Im sorry he's leaving you for 5 days. Enjoy the YOU time!

  3. I hate the job thing too! Sorry your son is leaving you, he'll be back before you know it! :)


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